Friday, 6 May 2011

Book 2 is sold! and The One That Got Away

So I've had a lovely email to say Book 2 is sold and it's title will be......
The Boy Who Made Them Love Again and is scheduled for December 2011.
Now, it's definitely not a Christmas book, so what do you think about that?  Do you only buy books around that time that have a Christmas theme?
Or by that time are sick of Christmas overload and are looking for something different?
And I was delighted because my editor told me it brought a tear to her eye - you don't get better than that!  Now Book 2 has a different theme.  And the theme is The One That Got Away.
Do you have one of those?  Is there somebody from long ago that you occasionally remember and think mmmm........what if?
I remember reading somewhere that everyone has one of those, whether they admit it or not.
Book 2 also has a different kind of medical theme - it's about the staff from the White House Medical Unit.  It can be difficult to find something that hasn't been used in medicals before but I haven't ever seen this used and was delighted to give it a go.  And I also have a First Baby.

And yes, that is what I meant.  I was inspired one day looking at Michelle Obama and thinking to myself that there, in the White House, for the first time in a number of years we had the potential for a White House birth. 
But my First Lady doesn't want to give birth in Washington, she wants privacy and needs rest, so she heads to Mendocino Valley and Pelican Cove, a quiet little hospital and goes into labour early.  And that's where all the fun starts!
So Book 3 will be a follow-on from this and I'm pleased to say I've agreed a new contract with Mills and Boon and will be writing a few more medicals.  WHOOPEE!


  1. All fabulous news Susan! Soooooooo happy for you and am hanging out to read more from you. x

  2. It sounds fantastic! Congrats on sale number two!

  3. Many thanks Rach and can't wait to read your Christmas story from Carina!

    Thanks Lacey, now just need to start writing the next one - currently stuck on chapter three!

    Thanks Jackie, love your support and hope to do the same for you very soon xx

  4. I am so happy for you! Congratulations!

  5. Many thanks Nancy! But beware - this will mean more reading for my fabulous critique partner!

  6. Huge congrats Scarlet - so happy for you. Caroline x

  7. Congrats lovely girl. that's terrific news!! xx

  8. Thank you Caroline - looking forward to reading your story in The Weekly News - got a date yet?

    Thank you Jo, aren't you still waiting to hear back on something? Good luck x

  9. That's fantastic news! Brilliant xxx

  10. yeah, still waiting chicka. Will let you know when I know.... x

  11. Brilliant news, you're really on a roll! I hit the send button on a submission to them today so am keeping fingers and toes crossed. Love your White House idea, that really is thinking out of the box. Well done! Look forward to seeing you at the conference.