Sunday, 22 May 2011

Scottish Hen Nights and How Well Do You Know Your Friends?

It seems that these days hen nights are big business.  It's all limousines or fire trucks or weekends away to foreign climates.
When I was a girl (and I'm not that old!) hen nights involved your work mates making you a coat decorated with L plates and coloured tissues made into flowers.  And they also decorated a potty for you to jump over on your hen night.
Here is the evidence
So, the top two pictures are my sister Valerie and were taken 25 years ago.  The bottom picture?  I'll leave you to figure out who the 10 year old imitating her sister is!

So, recently I had to help organise a hen night for a work colleague.  It was her second wedding and she didn't want a big fuss.  We had booked a table at a local restaurant and decided to organise a few games (we also organised a potty that was full of HRT and incontinence aids!).  One of the games we picked was to ask her friends to reveal a secret about themselves - one she might not know.  And on the night we made her try to identify which of her friends was the secret keeper.
Here is the list

Which one of your friends…………………………..

1. Was asked out by Captain Sensible?

2. Burned a hole in the front of her wedding dress, the night before she got married?

3. Was accepted for music college as a drummer after working in clubs in Glasgow?

4. Worked on a farm and can milk a cow?

5. Featured on a TV production of “My Secret Desire” as she wanted to swing from a trapeze with her teeth?

6. Won a dog in a raffle by the parish priest but had to get it put to sleep after 6 months as it was mad!!!!!!!

7. Did advanced archaeology at teacher training college and as a result had to lead a mock “charge” across Bannockburn!

8. Had elocution lessons in her young days?

9. Went to the pictures with one man and left with another?

10. Frequently travels on the Orient Express?

11. Had lunch with the Bay City Rollers in Tam Paton’s house in Edinburgh?

12. Got married wearing a pair of green boots?

13. Is apparently a red hot Leroc dancer?

14. Husband’s cousin is Jackie Chan’s stunt double?

15. Used to baby sit for Sting?

16. Has secretly written an episode of Star Trek where she is Captain Picard’s daughter?

17. Was a Scottish skating champion?

We had hours of fun with this!  One poor work colleague, Brenda, who hadn't contributed something to the list, was accused of all 17!
I'll let you try and guess which one of the 17 was mine.
Now, what about yours?  Can you reveal a secret you haven't told us about??


  1. What a lot of fun! i reckon you are 2, 4 or 8! Can't wait to find out the answer.
    I wore bright pink Doc Martin's on my wedding day and I bet none of my romance friends knows that :)

  2. LOL! Poor Brenda! Unless I'm mistaken, I think Rach has a picture of those Docs somewhere on her blog. I love them!

  3. I love the fact that you wore pink Doc's on your wedding day! Fabulous!

  4. Yes Lacey - Brenda spent the night quivering in the corner and saying "Do people really think I'd do that?"
    And what's your secret?

  5. Oh, how fun!!! Dionne Warwick once came into my dad's store and asked, "What's up, pops?" LOL
    I don't think anyone in the blogosphere knows that.

  6. Oh Wow Jennifer! How cool is that? I hope he asked for her autograph!!!!

  7. Am waiting for which number is you Scarlet?

  8. Oh come on! You must know I'm a Trekkie! One day I will be introduced to the world as Captain Picard's daughter!