Sunday, 16 May 2010

Jumping for Joy

So.... my children are demonstrating what their mother is doing right now (I couldn't post a picture of myself jumping on the trampoline as there are somethings that other people should just not see!) I got a lovely email back from the editor at Mills and Boon asking me to revise and resubmit my full. Again the revisions are entirely manageable. It will mean rewriting one full chapter and around one quarter of another. Along with that there are some general comments that I will have to check throughout the manuscript. So am I happy? Yes I'm jumping for joy.
She also asked for an approximate return date so I guess I have to realistic. Some items in the day job have recently swollen in size. I've had to bring some work home this weekend and I can predict that this could happen a few times this month.
What I really want to do is put my head down and focus on the revisions and nothing else. However life sometimes get in the way. Overall I am delighted to have some feedback and I also have to say that the feedback has been super quick. Most of the boards have people waiting for over 6 months for feedback (whether it's an R or revisions) so I do appreciate how lucky I am.
I also got my feedback from RNA New Writers Scheme. It was very positive and suggested a few changes, most of which were pretty minor. It is interesting to say that the suggestions don't match the ones which the editor has given me, but I can see where they have come from. And of course, it is all constructive criticism which I can learn from. I guess it just goes to show how subjective writing can be. I know that on occasions I have read book reviews that I just didn't agree with and I suppose it just supports the learning curve that tells me "you can't please every reader, every time." But guess what? There's one person that I certainly do want to please!
And finally, how glad am I that I booked a train for the RNA conference and chose not to fly Ryanair? After wanting to go to the RNA conference for nearly a year I would be devastated if I'd book a flight that never took off. And to think the only reason I went for the train is that my Radley flight suitcase didn't meet the hand luggage restrictions on Ryanair... It must be fate!