Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Inspiration for Book 3

So, who is your inspiration for your writing?  Do you actually have someone in mind to play your characters when your book becomes a Silver Screen Film?  Or is it all just in your head?
I've started writing what I hope will become my Book three.  And even though I didn't think I'd ever do it, I'm doing a sequel to Book Two.  There was a really interesting leftover character from that story that really needed a story of his own. And in my head, this is him...
Yes, yes I know.  It's a medical and I've picked Patrick Dempsey.  But I have to, because
a) I love him and
b) this was the picture that came into my head as I sketched out the story.  But Patrick has a new identity, he's now Lincoln Adams, Neonatologist Extraordinaire!
Now this is where you might get mad with me.  Either that or you'll know what I've been watching to death, because here is my heroine
Yes, it's Amy Adams.  and yes I've been watching Enchanted.  A LOT.  However, this is not the princess Amy Adams - this is the hardass Amy Adams.  Who knows exactly what she wants and how to get it.  And her name in the story is........Amy.  But to be honest, I'd already picked my names before I picked my inspirational pictures.  So, it's stuck.
I plan in the near future to use an equally gorgeous picture of Sawyer aka Josh Holloway, who will play a distinct bad boy in a story all of his own.
And for some reason in Books 1 and 2, I find I've been writing LOTS from the male POV.  I wonder why this is?
So who are your current Hero and Heroine?  Share, please.
And finally, for those who were wondering - I went with the Mr Men for the Easter Egg Competition and yes, we did win!


  1. Hi Scarlet - love the Easter Eggs!

    Definately with you on the yummy Sawyer from Lost - it was him that kept me hooked on every single episode. Funnily enough, for the MS I've just finished I had Richard (the one who doesn't age) from Lost as the physical template for my hero - I found his eyes mesmerising (I added an extra few inches of height though as he looked a but titchy!).
    For my current WIP my hero is modelled on the Barcelona FC boss Pep Guardiolo (or however it's spelt). My last heroine was physically based on a woman I used to work with who is incredibly quirky. I'm not sure where my latest heroine has come from but I can picture her perfectly in my head.

  2. Hi Scarlet, so happy to hear how well it's going! My second revisions are still with the editor (coming up for 6 weeks of inbox checking!)and I don't know still if they'll like it enough to buy it, but the hero in my story in my head looks like (and speaks like) Harry Cunningham from Silent Witness, not sure what the actor's name is. Interestingly no one famous for my heroine, she actually looks the way I imagine my youngest daughter might look in her late twenties - she has insane curly hair that looks like a fright wig when unattended!

    Love Patrick Dempsey, fab choice.

  3. I don't really have an inspiration - at least not from life. I find it distracting basing them on real people. Anyway, my current hero and heroine are ones from an earlier ms that I'm rewriting - she's a neat little accountant and he's a blonde, untidy surfer dude. Hehe. Unsurprisingly it's an opposites attract story. ;-)

  4. I love your Mr Men eggs! I'm not surprised they won. They're fantastic!

  5. Michelle - Richard, mmmm. There was definitely something gorgeous about him too. To be honest, I kind of pictured him as a Gladiator! I didn't really like the backstory episode they did about him, I preferred him dark and mysterious!

    Charlotte - Good luck with your second revisions. I think the longest I waited was around 10 weeks, which is not too bad at all. And Harry Cunningham? Lovely. I nearly stopped watching Silent Witness in protest when I thought they'd killed him. But somehow I really don't like his counterpart/heroine. She really irritates me and I find her wimpy. What do you think of her?

  6. Jackie - I'm wondering if you are unwittingly trying to steal my Sawyer as your untidy surfer dude? I'm going to have to keep my eye on you....

    Lacey - Thank you. That was a whole week of "Watch the eggs!" and four ended up in the dustbin!

  7. They are awesome, Scarlet, you clever thing!!

    I have Sawyer as my current hero who also is a bit of a surfer dude :-) The heroine is Calleigh from NCIS: Miami. I love to have pictures I can work from when writing, they are handy to have but definitely shouldn't take over.

    Ah the waits ... 10 weeks and counting for me at the moment. Grrrr!!

  8. 10 weeks? Grrrr... Waiting is the absolute pits. I still have my fingers and toes crossed for good news for you Joanne!

  9. I love Patrick Dempsey, too. And I love Sawyer - he's the inspiration for my current hero as well.

    Those eggs are fab and deserved to win - wish my daughter was still at primary, I'd have pinched your idea for next year.


  10. Suzanne - once made they last forever - I could have just packaged them up for you!
    And Sawyer, you'll need to fight me for him!