Monday, 11 April 2011

Let's be Frivalous!

So I could post about doing revisions etc but that would just be boring.

I'm starting to get excited.  I've booked my place at the RNA conference in July this year.  The conference is in Wales this year and it's going to prove a little tricky to get to from sunny Scotland.  I think I'm going to arrive just as the opening address is taking place, however I'm happy to go in dragging my case behind me!

So when planning the conference there is a dinner on the Friday night and a barbeque on the Saturday night.  Mmmm, so what will I wear.......
Well my new writing name is Scarlet therefore
Isn't it gorgeous!  And look at the ruffles - they will hide a MULTITUDE of sins!
So that's Friday taken care of.  What about Saturday??
I'm swithering here.  I have two outfits.  One probably a bit too formal for a barbeque and the other?  Well, I'm not quite sure if I'm brave enough!

Wow, that came out bigger than expected!

I've bought the "jumpsuit" but I just don't know if I'm brave enough to wear it!  What do you think?
And finally the RNA conference is all about the shoes.

So what do think of the shoes?  And is there votes for the dress or the jumpsuit for the Saturday night?


  1. What fab clothes! I LOVE the scarlet dress - and I kinda like the jumpsuit, well it does look more stylish than the khaki one I recently tried, that made me look like I was in overalls. And the shoes - yes, you're right -it's ALL about the shoes!
    Janice x

  2. Nice shoes! Loving the ruffles too... :-)

  3. Gorgeous clothes Scarlet! I don't think I can pick! I think I'm leaning slightly more toward the dress because I'm not too brave when it comes to fashion =)

    I adore the shoes!

  4. Can I just say I am IN LURVE with all three outfits. I wanted to buy a dress very similar to the top one (found it online) for our Aussie conf and also for a friend's wedding in May but unfortunately it's on back order and won't be in in time for the wedding :( Where did you get yours? Do they have an online store? LOL.
    LOVE the jumpsuit too and I reckon you should definitely wear that for something. It is TRES cool!

  5. Thanks very much Janice. I'm very impressed with your bravery trying on a khaki jumpsuit, I ordered mine online and it hasn't been seen outside these four walls!

    Thanks Jackie! I was delighted to find the shoes, thought they matched the dress perfectly - I'm such a girl!

  6. Lacey, I'm not brave and leaning towards the dress too, but I don't know if it's a bit formal for a barbeque.

    Rach, the dress is from Monsoon in the UK, they've also had it in black, purple and bright blue. You would probably get it on ebay too, it's called the Monaco dress. We could be twins!

  7. Thanks Scarlet! I remember that shop. Off to see if they have an online store and/or check on ebay! Would be privileged to be your twin :)

  8. Love them all. Especially the shoes!!!

  9. Oooh fun!! I LOVE the shoes!! Actually, I love ALL the clothes too!
    WEAR the jumpsuit. You'll kick yourself if you don't. :)

  10. Thank you Wendy!

    Jennifer, I tried the jumpsuit on again last night. Every time I try it on I think I'll get a little braver and maybe wear it outside!

  11. You're going to look fantastic in all those outfits. And yes, I really think you should wear the jumpsuit.


  12. First of all, your taste in clothes is impeccable. Gorgeous, yummy clothes. The frilly scarlet dress is just so Scarlet! It is perfect for you as Scarlet (well, it is also perfect for a Susan that loves red).

    I love the next dress you posted--but it seems too formal for a bbq--but maybe bbq's are more formal at RNA conferences. I think it would be great for a formal tea party, or dinner, or something along those lines.

    The jumpsuit is just the thing for a bbq! Stunning and you will look smashing in it. I would say--Go For It! The red shoes are also adorable, my daughters would LOVE them. My feet hurt just looking at them. But they are great!

    XX Nan OO

  13. Love the red dress which will go beautifully with the shoes.... which will also go pretty darned well with the jumpsuit. Hmmm, can see I'm going to have to up my game on the clothes front at the conference. Just about to send off my form and really looking forward to it this year! See you there.

  14. Suzanne - thank you! I love the jumpsuit too, I'm just not sure I love me in it!

    Nancy - delighted you like the clothes. I bought the shoes for my nieces wedding and have padded them out with those 'gel' foot inserts - it makes a big difference and I'm hoping I'll be able to dance the night away!

    Cara - Whoopee! You looked fab last year with your great tan - I'm going to have to go for a spray tan before I come to the conference. Don't want to be sitting next to you and looking all anaemic!