Saturday, 26 March 2011

The fiercest Easter Egg competition in the World!

I've been a very bad blogger lately and I know that, but never mind, now I need some help.  Because it's coming up to Easter time again, and let me introduce you to the fiercest competition in the world!
Let me explain, every year at our church we have a boiled egg decorating competition for the Sunday School.  This sounds simple enough - but believe me, it's not.  It takes weeks to decide what your egg is going to be this year.  Weeks to design your "costume" and "set".  This is NOT a competition for kids!
Let me introduce you to Nemo.
This was a winning egg, but it took nearly a week to create.  Let me let you into a little secret of boiled egg decoration.  Car spray paint.  Yes, car spray paint.  It's the only thing that sticks to a blinking egg!
Here's another winner.

Happy Feet.  And yes, that penguin did fall over.  It was propped into place for the picture!
Then there was.....

Ratatouille.  Is anyone seeing a pattern emerging here??????
Yes, I like children's films.  And I always seem to find a character in them.
Then there was last years effort.  And I mean that, an effort.  It was the worst ever!

Daleks.  From Doctor Who - just in case you couldn't possibly recognise them.  Yes, I know they look awful.
Which is why this year I need some help.  Some suggestions.  Some prize winning suggestions.  But remember it has to be a decorated egg - so try and imagine how it should look.
Last year my son wanted to make WWE wrestlers.  Any idea how to make them out of boiled eggs?  No, neither did I.
So, help PLEASE!!!!!!!
All suggestions gratefully received.


  1. I'm am not at ALL artistic in the creative way but can I just tell you how FANTASTIC your creations have been thus far!!! And wish you the best of luck with this year's contest. x

  2. Hi Scarlet:

    Could you make the egg into the Hubble telescope with a star filled background?


    Could you paint the egg to look like the DNA molecule and have a classroom background?


    Could you paint the egg so that it looks like a lotto drawing machine with a lot of little balls on the inside? You could have a TV studio type background.

    Could you stand the egg on end and have it turn? Then you could paint it like a Tornado moving left and right as it turns. In the background could be countryside and some damage. (Perhaps you could add sound!)

    Could you paint a “Woody Woodpecker” type character cracking his way out of the egg?

    Could you paint the egg sideways to look like it is a frying pan cooking eggs sunny side up?

    Could you paint one chick on the inside trying to get out of the egg and one chick on the outside trying to break into the egg? On the background write: “Which Came First?”

    What do you think?

    Want more ideas?

    Be sure to tell us what you decide to do. : )


  3. Thanks Rach!

    Wow Vince where have you been hiding? It's like I opened a box and all these ideas came spilling out! Fabulous and thanks very much x

  4. Wow! Whatever happened to sticking cotton wool balls, a chicken and a ribbon on cardboard and calling it a hat? This is bringing back traumatic memories... LOL! I love Vince's ideas and now I'm off to google painted eggs because I'd love to see one as the Cheshire cat ;-)

  5. Wish I could help but now that I don't have young children any more I'm so out of the cartoon character/children's character loop it's not true. You could do a Rapunzel type egg with loads of hair leaning out of a tower to celebrate Tangled. Haven't seen it yet but I've heard good reports..... Good luck!

  6. Lacey and Cara thanks so much for your comments. I am seriously panicking about what to create - the rapunzel idea is definitely going in the pile. x