Saturday, 2 October 2010

Early NaNo Writing Month

It's time to admit I've been lazy.  It's very nice to have a story sitting the midst of Mills and Boon somewhere.  But this is the point where I should have been rapidly writing the next one.  And I haven't.  So it's time to get my head down and start writing.  Last time around I definitely had a slow start.  It took three attempts to write the first chapter, probably because I kept starting in the wrong place.  However I finally had something I was happy with.  This time around I've planned my storyline, worked out my conflict (well some of it anyway), did my lovely character profiles (courtesy of Kate Walker) and have a good idea of what I want to achieve.  I have also spoke to my lovely critique partner and my blog friend Wendy Marcus as this story is set in America, so I have two lovely American nurses who can point me in the right direction when I have any queries.
I have also been HEAVILY distracted by New Voices.  (Note to slap the back of my hand and stop going on to the website everyday).
So it's time to set a goal.  So I've decided to set October as my own personal NaNo Writing Month.  Yes, I know that I'm a month early, but this is a good time to start.  I'm going to aim to have the little word counter moving in an upward direction on a daily basis.  Hopefully by the end of the month I will (almost) have a dirty draft and spend the next few weeks editing after my critique partner has given me her thoughts.
It will also help to keep my mind off of Mills and Boon land.  So if I get a YES I can scream and shout and say, Yes I have written something else.  Or if I get a NO I can smile sweetly and say "Well that one might not have worked, but what about THIS one."
Time to get writing.  If you see me anywhere, tell me off and send me back here!


  1. I tend to focus on the wait also, rather than using my time more productively. I mean how can I write when I'm checking my e-mail every five minutes? I'm proud of you for this great plan and wish you the best of luck. I'll be sending what I hope is my final draft in on Monday. Then I guess I'll be waiting for a bit, too! I think I'll spend the time catching up on everything I've let slide while working on my rewrite.

  2. Good luck on the NaNo - I've always been tempted but chicken out at the last minute. Ohh and I echo you - New Voices has been HUGELY DISTRACTING!! But saying that - great fun too. Caroline x

  3. Great idea, good luck with your October NaNo. And hope you hear from M&B soon.


  4. Wendy - wishing you well for the rewrite. The wait is horrible but at least we can sit together on the bench twiddling our thumbs!
    Caroline - your roman chapter was fabulous. How about your own NaNo and finishing that manuscript - because that's a book I'd like to read!
    Suzanne - remember to tell me off if you see me anywhere, and which magazine can I find you in this month??

  5. Good luck with your NaNo and I've got my fingers crossed for your submission!

  6. Yay for NaNo! It's a great way of getting words down on the page. Crossing fingers on your sub, Susan! Surely they'll be giving you the yes any day now! :-)

  7. I'm positive you'll be getting a YES but good idea on early NaNo! I'm tempted to join in except I'm just polishing up my synopsis and partial to sub and I'm not sure whether to keep writing this in the hope they want it or start another idea!

  8. Well done for starting something new. I always think that's exactly what you should do as soon as you've sent something off. You have to keep the momentum going. Fingers still crossed for good news for you!

  9. Lacey, thanks for that. Remember to shout if you see me anywhere!
    Jackie I think there are all New Voiced out at the moment and I suspect I may have to wait until the contest is over before hearing anything back. Never mind! In the meantime I will write!
    Rachel good luck with your submission. And I need a whole post from you about the supermarket!
    Cara the fingers are willing but the mind is weak!
    Hope to see all four of your names on the list at New Voices this week for more submissions!