Sunday, 13 June 2010

Wedding Day

Thursday was my nephew Jordan's wedding day and it was a gorgeous day. Hayley the bride, was beautiful and the family had a wonderful time. Couldn't post all the pictures I wanted to, so had to put them on facebook instead.

In one month's time my niece Carissa gets married too, so will have lots more pictures!

Have been amazed by the amount of emails I've received about newbies at the RNA conference. I think yesterday alone there were around 40 flying back and forth between us. It seems everyone is just as excited as I am. I've picked my workshops (how hard was it to choose? I want to go to them ALL!) and I've also got an appointment with the editor I'm currently working with at Mills and Boon which will be fabulous to get the opportunity to meet her in person.

I will be finished my revisions this week, which means I've done it in the time frame I wanted to. Now I'm just wondering whether I should send them in as planned, or wait until I've spoken to her, just in case there is something I haven't quite nailed. Decisions...decisions.

If anyone else is going to the conference, I look forward to meeting you there. Unfortunately I think I'm going to have to leave just a little early around 12.30pm in order to get the train back to Scotland, but never mind, I know it will be great.

By the way does anyone know how to change your background? I saw a FABULOUS background on someone else's blog that looked like shelves of books. I SO want it, but don't know how to get it!


  1. I couldn't spot the comments box - it's madly low down for some reason, and it doesn't take much to flummox me!
    Great pics, can't wait to hear about the conference. Don't forget your camera?

    I think the books background is avail free on - if it's the one that the lovely Lorraine Wilson uses?

  2. Hi Susan!
    Congrats on finishing your edits! I fear my manuscript needed a lot more work than yours. I just finished the first three chapters and sent them to my agent to see if I'm heading in the right direction.

    Re: Your blog template, if you want a blogspot background go to your dashboard, click on Design and on the top middle is a new template design button.

    Good luck with the blog and your submission.

  3. Hey Susan!
    Love your new background!

  4. Can't get the hang of this background thing at all, now my pictures have big white squares around them, why did that happen??
    My revisions only went away today Wendy, so I'll let you know what happens