Thursday, 17 June 2010

It's away Part 2!

Woo hoo! Well the revisions are completed and it's away! One chapter completely rewritten, another partially rewritten and some "onion" layers a la Kate Walker added. So the picture is my book flying off to Mills and Boon London on it's merry way (and YES Joanne Pibworth I did Google Street the building after you told me about it!)
So now I'm all aquiver. What a good word that is. Jackie Ashenden always tells us not to read anything we send in. So I'm going to try and follow her advice. No, really I am. I'm already wondering if I've really captured exactly what they were looking for. Do I think the manuscript is better? Yes, I do. Do I think it's perfect. No, not yet. But hopefully someday....
Never mind. At least I can't start wondering if they received it or if it's lost in cyber space. Since I got a lovely email acknowledging receipt. Thought about replying to that - but then decided that might make me a bit of stalker. Now I need to focus on the next WIP. Haven't decided yet whether to rewrite last year's attempt or to try something completely new.
I've also got an appointment to meet the editor I'm working with at the RNA conference in London in July. So I'm really looking forward to that. A little nervous at the prospect, does anyone think 11am is too early for wine????


  1. I always have to resist the urge to reply to e-mails even when they're 'out of office' auto replies. It just seems so rude to ignore them.

    Sending positive vibes for your manuscript and hope you hear good news soon.


  2. Lol, Susan! Did I really say that? Because I don't follow my own advice - usually about a month after I send it, I'm in there reading it again! But seriously, it's a good idea. At the point you send it away, you're usually to close to it anyway so it's better to send and forget.
    Actually, I haven't read mine again this time round - wonder if that's a good thing or not!
    Anyway, big good lucks and crossed fingers to you!

  3. Congrats on sending it away - Pull up a chair in the NTAI club.
    lol about streetview, it's fab isn't it!
    Fingers crossed that your wait isn't too long.

  4. Huge congrats! And welcome to the NTAI couch! Its getting fairly crowded at the moment!
    As for writing something new or rewriting, my advice would be to start something completely new but then that's just what i find easier. Plenty of others I know have rewritten old mss very successfully!

  5. Thank you ladies. I'm now wondering whether I should have a go at the 1400 word story around 'Anniversary' for the RNA conference. Its years since I've tried a short story and I'm a little tempted.

  6. Congrats Susan! Fingers crossed for a quick and postive reply!

  7. Hi Susan!
    Congrats on getting your revisons done and out the door. I am deep into my rewrite. I have to admit I wasn't all that familiar with the medical romance line when I entered the pitch contest. I'm paying the price now! But I'll get there. Hopefully soon!! So save me a place!

    And once the time reaches double digits, wine is perfectly acceptable!