Sunday, 31 March 2013

The Fiercest Easter Egg Competition in the World 2013

Some of you might remember that every year our Sunday School has a decorated Easter Egg competition.  This is a hotly fought contest. 
In past years we've spent a long time making our eggs. It normally takes around a week.  My personal favourite was this one, Finding Nemo.
But we've also made the penguins from Happy Feet.

The rats from Ratatouille.

Then we had the Mr Men, Mr Bump and Mr Tickle.  These were another of my favourites.

Last year was Shrek and Princess Fiona.

And this year, what did we do???................................
Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick!   Yes, I know.  We didn't quite the right colour of pink for Patrick, or the right coloured felt for his trousers.  But sometimes you have to make do with what you have.
What do you think of this years effort?


  1. You amaze me with your artistic talents. In the future, I'm sending all arty projects the kids get directly to your house for you to complete. And no, I'm not joking!!

  2. Honestly Catherine I am RUBBISH at Art. I could make a sindy bedroom from a cardboard box after watching Blue Peter but that's it!

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  4. I wish I'd known you when my daughter took decorated eggs to school - I'd have shamelessly copied a few of those ideas :0)

    They're fab.


  5. It gets harder and harder for a new idea every year! Feel free to give me some!

  6. So creative! (Also, is it bad that this blog post made me hungry for eggs?)

  7. Color me impressed! I popped over from Lydia Kang's blog. *waves* Nice to meet you, Scarlet.

  8. Thanks Lydia! I was always rubbish at art at school but this is more fun. And no, it's not wrong at all!

  9. Thank you Leslie, nice to meet you too. Glad you liked the eggs!