Monday, 9 July 2012

Home from holidays

Well, I'm back home.  To the place where no-one makes my breakfast, lunch and dinner for me and I have to do my own washing.
Take me back to the cruise ship please!
The land of Strawberry Daiquiri's is calling again!

After visits to Olympia, Bari, Athens, Santorini and surviving the Donkey Stampede, Corfu and Croatia, with a final sail up the Grand Canal in Venice, it's tough being home.
However in a few days time, it's the RNA Conference in Penrith.  In between that I've mountains of washing to do and another chapter of my next book to write.  It's time to get back to work!!


  1. OOoooh, so jealous!!! I've been to Croatia - years and years ago now but I loved it. Was beautiful. Sounds like you had a fab time!!

  2. It was fab jackie but the I'm drowning in washing right now! I hate the unpacking. Next holiday is new York for my 40th in February!

  3. How wonderful. And hope you had a fab time in Penrith, too.


  4. Hi Suzanne, Penrith was great, need to get some pictures posted!