Thursday, 23 February 2012

Three things at once

I'm currently being pulled in three different directions.

  1. I'm waiting to hear back on my Christmas revisions.  Is my editor happy with the story?  Or does she want further changes?
  2. The author alterations for A Bond Between Strangers - my September book are due to hit.  This book is part of a duet with Anne Fraser and because we wrote these books out of synch there are quite a few amendments to be made.  Author alterations usually involve checking grammar, missing words or wrong names and run to about 2 pages.  These will probably run to about 12!
  3. I'm ready to start the cruise ship book.  In fact the cruise ship book is already written.  But then it's not.  I wrote another cruise ship book 3 years ago.  So I have the research.  I have the character profiles.  But I'm starting again from scratch.  This will be completely different story.  The ship will just be going on the same route!
When I'm writing a story I like to stay in that story.  I become immersed in it and don't really want to be pulled out.  So I'm itching to get started on the cruise ship, but would prefer it if my author alterations and any further revisions were out of the way first.

Then I can really focus on the story I want to write.

In the meantime here is the cover for my May story West Wing to Maternity Wing!  I've escaped the orange writing and got some groovy purple!


  1. Lovely cover! Fingers crossed that you get to "go" with the cruise ship story soon. Caroline x

  2. Yay for you! I know what you mean about getting excited and immersed in a particular story. Hope you get to write it soon!

  3. Thank you Caroline! The author alterations are done and the Christmas book has been accepted. Roll on the cruise ship story!

  4. Jackie you are so right - the immersion has begun. I have more job descriptions of cruise ship nurses and am following lots of cruise nurse blogs! Really, really interesting and not sure all is suitable for Mills and Boon!

  5. You are so prolific, Scarlet. I am in awe!

  6. Wow, you're so busy! I'm like you - I like to be immersed in only one story at a time.