Monday, 16 January 2012

So near and yet so far....

I'm in the last fifth of my Christmas story.  I've finally hit the 40,000 word mark and I do know what's going to happen in the next two chapters.  I just want someone else to write it for me.
It's quite sad as I really, really wanted to write a Christmas story for Mills and Boon.  In fact I begged!

But part of my issue is the book I've written previously.  Book 4 shot out of my fingers like wildfire.  I don't know where it came from.  It's part of a duet with Anne Fraser and I've just been given a title for it The Bond Between Strangers.

It seemed to have a life all of its own.  I wrote everyday and couldn't stop.  It wouldn't let me.  I loved my characters and they spoke to me constantly.

This book has been like wading through treacle.

The beginning came easily, my partial went to my editor who gave me some pointers which have been amended accordingly.  It's just the rest of it that's been the problem.

But I know I'm not the only one.  Two books I've read recently have had interesting dedications that made me feel as if I'm not alone.  Barbara Wallace's The Heart of a Hero which read To my editors - for being so patient while I worked to get this story just right, and Trish Wylie's The Inconvenient Laws of Attraction which read - For everyone who kept me from hitting the ground until I remembered how to fly again.

So I am absolutely determined to finish this week.  1500 words a day will do it.

And off I go....

Anyone else had a treacle like book??


  1. All the time Scarlet, all the time! Fingers xrossed that the last few chapters go swimingly (if you forgive the pun!) Caroline x

  2. Go, Scarlet, go! Yeah, I often have books like that. Especially the last part of the book cos I hate writing endings.

  3. My books ALL feel like treacle at various stages. I'm still waiting for that one that flies off my fingers :( Good luck with finishing. x

  4. I seem to have fabulous bits where some greater being is writing through me, interspersed with longer treacly bits where I despair and hate the ms. After your interview on Minxes of Romance I started trying to target 1000 words a day, like you said. It has helped massively so thanks loads! Not just with productivity but with stopping me beating myself up for not progressing. My targets were always too unattainable. Loads of luck with your last bit!!

  5. I've never had a fly from your fingers one so I guess these things come in phases. I've often read authors on eharl say they have pineapple books :-(

    But I have every faith that you can do it, Scarlet, your debut books are amazing and you are fab *waves pom poms* Go, Scarlet!!

  6. Ah but I know I'll love reading it, even if you cursed the book at every keystroke :) You can do it!! Go, Scarlet!!

  7. Hi Caroline
    Blogger hated me yesterday and wouldn't let me comment. Hoping to give myself a kick start tonight!

  8. Jackie
    I'm with you - I much prefer writing beginning. They seem to flow so much better than the endings. If only I could write a book of only beginnings.....

  9. Thanks Rach! And don't forget you'll have the pleaure (or not!) of reading this black, sticky treacley mess!!

  10. Charlotte I'm really glad that 1000 words a day is working for you. I still swear by it. Just a little bit of progress a day is enough. I still gnash my teeth at people who tweet merrily they've just written 5000!

  11. Catherine - the fly from the fingers book was a complete surprise. And, as this sticky mess proves, -they're all different!

  12. Lacey - at this stage I am contemplating not going to my characters wedding!