Monday, 27 June 2011

Nearing the finish line...

So I am nearing the end, about to cross the finish line.  I'm in my final chapter of book three, around 46,000 words and currently charging towards the end.
I'll finish it this week, hopefully have a quick read through for any glaring errors and then send on to my wonderful critique partners.  At this point, my terrible grammer will be highlighted.  My fondness for particular words will be found.  My glaring medical errors or timescale issues will come to light.  
And the - Oh NO!  You can't do THAT!!!  Will also be open for critique.
But that's what you need.  Often I can't see something that my critique partners will spot straight away.  Often I will highlight a sentence that I've rewritten ten times and say "this just doesn't sound right" and a few taps of the keyboard from a critique partner will show me what I've meant to say all along.
Then there is the missing gaps.
You know - that things that were in my head all along for this book, that have just never made it on to the page.  And I thought they had.
So, I'll get asked the question - BUT WHY????????????  And I'll realise I haven't written it down anywhere!
I'm lucky.  I have another month before I need to send my manuscript to my editor.  So that will give me a few weeks to set it aside - enjoy the RNA conference in Wales - make any amendments my critique partners suggest (maybe even hopefully get to read something of theirs!) and then press SEND.
And while that sounds fabulous, we all know at that point the crows of doubt start to circle......
So, do you like finishing and pressing send??

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  1. Yes and no. I do like finishing and editing but there is something that holds me back when I near the end and I slow down. Maybe I don't want to let go. LOL