Sunday, 6 February 2011

After the Call...

First of all, thanks to everyone who sent their good wishes following The Call.  You might have been able to tell I was on a high...
So what happens next?  Quite a lot actually.  I wasn't asked to do any final tweaks to my manuscript so have been able to sleep soundly.  My editor let me know that my book will be titled It Started with a Pregnancy and will be published in Sept 2011.  WHOOPEE!
I also had to agree a date to have my next manuscript ready.  I've agreed on the end of May but have just finished writing a medical romance that's a little different.  It's been off to my critique partner and had some changes and has now been sent on to my editor, who will get back to me in a few weeks.
I'm not delusional.  I know that revisions will be required.  And hopefully now I've had some practice I will be better at them.  My big worry is that my editor will tell me she doesn't like it and I'll have to start something new completely.  Because I love this story and I love that it features a profession I've never seen in a Medical Romance before.
In the meantime I've started revising something I wrote last year and has room for improvement - oh, and a POV!
I've just had my first set of Author Alterations sent to me and I plan to work on them tomorrow.  This is the last time I get to see my book before publication.  Yikes!
I also received my contract, which made my knees tremble as I printed it out.  So I just need to sign that and send it back.
I also purchased a domain name for my website and a friend at work is going to build my site for me.
Finally I found out that my first book will be eligible for the Joan Hessayon Prize with the RNA as it went through the New Writers Scheme.  So next year I get to go to the RNA Summer Party!  Yippee!
So how is everyone else getting on?  I know some people are still waiting for their SYTYCW entries and my fingers and toes are crossed for you all!


  1. Congratulations on all your achievements! IT ALL STARTED WITH A PREGNANCY sounds hot and catchy for a Medical, don't you think? ANd Sept 2011? Wow!

  2. Goodness, it's all happening. :0)

    Can't wait to read It All Sarted With A Pregnancy. And your new one sounds intriguing.


  3. I love that title :-) Am so looking forward to getting my eager mitts on it. Wow, it all seems to be happening so quickly.

    Very jealous re. the summer party, the pics always look fab.

  4. Man I have TINGLES reading that post!! So exciting! I'm really curious about your next book too - I hope that if it is a little bit different they jump at it. Cos I love reading fresh!!!

  5. Congrats, congrats, congrats! What a fantastic title! It won't be long before September swings around! I can't wait :)

  6. Congratulations. Guess all the hard work begins now, eh? Looking forward to reading your September release.

  7. Busy Busy Busy! Exciting times, it's lovely to read how bubbly you sound with it. Love the title, it's coming out quite quickly isn't it? NOt long to wait!

  8. Great title! (Although I already told you that.) You're so lucky (or organized/skilled/prepared) to have other medicals ready to go! I had to start book 2 from scratch. Better get back to it. Good luck with everything. And don't forget to breath!

  9. Nas- thanks for the good wishes, just waiting now to see what the cover will look like!

    Suzanne - hoping the intrigue makes it past the editors desk, will let you know!

    Joanne - still have my fingers and toes currently crossed for you, hoping we can be shelf buddies!

  10. Rach - here's hoping they like 'fresh' too, otherwise it's back to the drawing board....

    Lacey - September still seems AGES away, but Never Fear! It's marked in red on the calendar!

    Nicolette - the fear and terror have started for sure! Hard work is fine - as long as there is chocolate!

  11. Joanne! Where have you been hiding?? Haven't seen you blog for ages, you must be up to something good!

    Wendy - Might still have to start book 2 from scratch, waiting to find out x

  12. Fingers crossed for your unusual M&B. I'm sure they'll love it, they're always looking for something new. Good luck with it.

  13. Oh, that's great! September will be here before you know it!

  14. Cara - many thanks but don't want to count my chickens, still working on something else meantime!

    Jennifer - thanks very much. September still seems miles away, but time will probably fly!

  15. Yay! congrats Scarlet and a big woo-hoo on the hessayon next year, I'm a contender for my first novel Catch Me A Catch, so I get to go party with the RNA this year! dying to read your book!