Sunday, 8 August 2010

Revisions received, time to get to work! this is me.  Stuck between plain terrified and stressed!  I've received my revisions from my editor and it's time to get to work. 
The truth is they are fine.  Five pages of notes and a genius action plan which is very concise and just what I need.  It tells me in one page and a few bullet points exactly what to change.  Some things are going to need a little thinking through.  My problem here is the time scale.  I need to give some indication of how long I think the revisions will take me.  Of course I want to do them all NOW.  But right now, I'm really not that sure how long they are going to take me.
Plus on top of all that - I'm scared.  There I've said it.  I'm scared I might do these wrong.  You know what I mean.  I'm a data nerd and posted on eharlequin about getting some stats, and someone gave me some.  I wondered how many people who submitted partials were asked for fulls.  Then how many fulls got revisions. Then how many get second revisions and how many go on to be bought.  I've seen lots of people on the eharlequin boards who've got to this stage and then got a big fat R.  So that's what I'm afraid of.  But on to better things...
Jenny Harper who I met at the RNA conference sent me a sparkly pic of my black dress.  Who said black was boring!  I was also invited to join an email group for Writers Scotland which seems very informative and supportive.  And last but not least I heard Rachael Johns talking about an online course on her blog and decided to join in, so Shirley Jump's From Good to Sold (I'm rubbish and don't know how to do things that link) now has myself, Rachael and Joanne Pibworth on board.  It seems we apparently are the bad girls at the back of the class, some things never change!  It's proving to be value for money already and it lasts until the end of August.  So I'm listening to what she says as I'm plotting my revisions.
Last of all, good luck to everyone at the Romance conference in Australia - I'm expecting FULL reports on your return!


  1. Susan! That's bloody fantastic!
    I'm so, so pleased that you got good news, and the revisions sound manageable. GO GIRL!
    The course is fun isn't it, really makes you think, I'll see you round the back of the bike sheds for a celebratory vodka!

  2. Hi Susan!
    Don't worry about anyone but you (and me!!!). wink

    Seriously, as frustrated as I am by a request for more revisions, it's better than a rejection. And each stage has taught me so much, that even if I do wind up with an eventual rejection, I've learned a lot to take to my next attempt.

    Think positive. The editors love your voice. They've said so for all to read. (at Stay focused on that. Who knows why anyone else was rejected. This is YOUR chance to shine. I have every confidence you will.

    Hang in there....and good luck. I can't wait to say....."I knew her when!!!"

  3. Susan, ignore the stats. Yes, I was one of the unlucky ones with my two rounds of revisions (on a full) and then an R. But remember they do want to publish you and they will do all they can to help you. So ask questions of the editor - don't be afraid of bugging them. Also don't be afraid to rewrite.

    The reason I was R'd was that my heroine had absolutely no conflict. I tried to give her some but I had no idea what I was doing at that stage and just couldn't pull it off. The ed did all she could to help but conflict was still something I was having difficulty with.
    Now I've learned heaps about conflict, I would actually have done those revs a lot better!

    Anyway, just to say that what they want from you is an ms they can buy. So go give 'em one!

    If you need a friendly ear to chat or to complain to, feel free to email me. coates dot jackie at gmail dot com. I'm happy to hear a moan or give any (pitiful) advice.

  4. HUGE congrats Susan - my money's on you! I know how scary it is but I reckon this could be it for you! Hoping so anyhow!!!
    And I'm so glad you and Joanne joined the course!!
    PS. You look fab in a sparkly dress!

  5. Susan,

    You can do this. As I said before, trust your instincts. Fingers and toes crossed for you.


  6. Well done you! Second round revs is great. Being scared is normal I think. I got 5 pages of revsions on my full and it freaked me out, 10 weeks after sending the revised thing back I have no idea if I got it even romotely right.

    Good luck!! And yep - as Rach said, you look fab in that black dress!

  7. Thank you all for your words of support.
    Joanne - let's keep learning with Shirley Jump, because right now I definitely feel as if I've got a lot to learn!
    Wendy - thank you for the positive thoughts, hope you hear good things about your revisions
    Jackie - thanks for the email, I may seriously take you up on that and you may live to regret it!
    Rach - thanks for the encouragement classmate! aren't you supposed to be at a conference?
    Abbi - I'm not so sure about my instincts right now, because they seem to be telling me something different from my ed! I guess this is all just the learning curve for me right now x
    Janette - you've been waiting ages, it must be good news! And aren't you supposed to be at a conference with Rach? I want to hear all about it x

  8. Yay, Susan!! So pleased for you and you can SO do this :-)

    What a great course to be doing at the same time as your revisions. I'm hearing great things about Shirley and her courses.

    Best of luck with your revisions.

  9. Congratulations Susan! Revisions are a great next stage along on the journey to (we hope) publication

    Take your time. Read the letter carefully and calmly and make sure you understand just what your editor wants - and then dive in

    Good luck!

  10. Thank you Joanne and Kate. The revisions are nearly finished but I still need to do one final run through to check there are no plot holes or things I've forgotten.
    Thanks for all your support x

  11. CONGRATULATIONS, Susan - fantastic news.

    And you look gorgeous in your sparkly dress.


  12. So pleased to hear you had good news. It is scary, but don't listen to that little internal voice of discord on your shoulder tell you you can't do it, because you can!!! Like so many people have said, they really want new writers to succeed. They've invested time in you which means they have faith in you. Congragulations, fingers and toes crossed...... Cara xx