Sunday, 25 April 2010

It's away!

So the revised manuscript was emailed on Friday afternoon to the far away office in London. Now the waiting game begins. I only hope I get a return email to let me know they received it, I have horrible visions of things being lost in cyberspace.
But on to other things check out This is a website for an American Romance Author who has an auction every year in aid of diabetes. Her son suffers from diabetes and she is keen to raise money for research. This is an area close to my heart as I have had diabetes since the age of 8. There are some fabulous things to bid for. For writers there is a chance to bid on critiques from various published authors around the world. This includes our own Kate Walker, Heidi Rice and lots of others. There is also autographed books and goody bags from various authors. The auction starts on 1 May with bidding similar to how it is on ebay. Have a look ladies!


  1. wow Susan, that WAS speedy!
    Huge congrats on sending it in - fingers, toes and everything else crossed for you.
    Here's hoping that your wait isn't too long, and that your news is wonderful at the end of it. :o)

    Here's to NTAI...

  2. WOW - as Joanne said - that WAS fast!!!! Make me taking a month to do massive revisions seems slow. I'm sure they'll love it. Can't wait to hear your news!


  3. Good luck, Susan!! I too am crossing lots of various appendages for you. ;-)

  4. Best of luck! it's taken me months to do my revs, well done.

  5. Remember I only had revisions on the first three chapters and then the full to submit (a few things carried on through the manuscript) but it was fine. Only thing is - I don't know if I've done what they are looking for. I guess there is only way to find out and that's WAIT. At least I know it's arrived as the lovely ed emailed to say she had it.

  6. Best of luck, Susan and I'm really looking forward to Brenda Novak's auction. My sister is diabetic, so it's such a worthwhile cause to me.

    Let us know as soon as you hear anything.

  7. Hi Susan!
    Congrats on getting your revisions done so quickly. I have an agent now, which is a great thing, but it slows down the process when another pair of eyes looks things over before I send them out. I finished my revisions yesterday and sent it to my agent. She's supposed to send it out on Friday. (Fingers, toes, and eyes crossed!)

    By the way, which editor did you send to? I'm working with Flo Nicoll.

    Re: Brenda Novak's auction. It's a wonderful thing, and how I got my agent. I purchased a critique by her and she loved my work.

    Good luck with your manuscript. Keep me posted on how it all turns out.

  8. Keeping everything crossed for you.

    And thanks for the link to the aucution.


  9. Hi Susan!

    I heard back from Harlequin Medical Romance. I posted about it on my blog. Hope all is well.