Sunday, 28 March 2010

Medical Pitch

This has been an eventful week. Took part in the Medical Pitch at eharlequin. Managed to get my times mixed up, it was set for 10am a question and answer session with Sheila Hodgson and 11am for the medical pitch with Lucy Gilmour. Tried to convert the american times into UK times and I thought I had done it, being 3pm and 4pm. But when I logged into the chat room at 250pm I found myself at the end of Sheila'a hour long chat with the pitch about to start! I got the fright of my life. Asked some of the hosts what time it was in their part of the world and it turned out they were all at different points in America and it was 8am, 9am and 10am respectively. Don't think I'm ever going to the hang of time conversion. One of the pitchers never showed for her pitch and I just can't help thinking about the missed opportunity. Haven't seen her on any of the boards since, so I hope she's OK. Anyway the pitch went well, and I emailed my synopsis and three chapters the next day direct to Lucy Gilmour. I know she's received it as I got an email back from her, plus another email later from the eEditors at Mills and Boon with a reference number, so at least I know my email isn't lost in cyberspace.
In the meantime I've sent my manuscript in to the New Writers Scheme at the RNA. It takes around 8 weeks for feedback so I hope to hear before the conference in July.
Now time to start something new......


  1. Well done for not letting the time issues throw you off kilter, sounds like it went really well!
    Fingers crossed for you.


  2. So glad the pitch went well. Will keep everything crossed for a fab response from the NWS.


  3. Hi Susan!
    I wasn't nervous about the pitch until I was up next. Then my hands got cold and clammy and a bit stiff. I'm normally a fast typer but all of a sudden I was clumsy at the keyboard. Despite that, it went much better than I'd anticipated. I sent my synopsis and three chapters in the next day. I've already heard back from an editor that they'd like to see the full, but they want a bunch of changes before I send it. Good luck!